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The ideal choice for those, 
who don’t want to pay too much every month.

Do you already have enough of your older car with  dubious qualities and want to move into a new one whose future price we guarantee you? Do not you want to make a big down payment but also pay a little monthly installments? Hyundai Finance FREE is exactly what you are looking for.

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and other benefits of Hyundai FREE Financing:

  • Zero down payment.
  • Monthly payments can be divided from 24 up to 60 installments.
  • We have prepared 4 options to pay the last installment.
  • With Hyundai FREE, you will be persuaded of the benefits of our unique Hyundai insurance.
  • Your car also has a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty with Hyundai FREE. With its 5 years of unlimited mileage, 5 years of vehicle health checks and 5 years of roadside assistance, this warranty is still unbeatable.
  • The Permanent Mobility Programme guarantees that you will never be left without a car.
  • Your car is under warranty for the whole duration of FREE financing.
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Who is registered in the vehicle registration certificate for the duration of the FREE financing contract?

  • You are registered as the owner of the vehicle in vehicle registration certificate part I (in the case of CreditAuto FREE financing)

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The last installment by to you

  • You  will not be alone, an authorised Hyundai dealer will help you to choose the best way to end your financing.
  • You may choose to pay whole last installment, or to divide it in thenext 3 years, or the sell your car to the leasing company or to authorised Hyundai dealer for a pre-guaranteed price.
  • If you choose one of the last two options, you have the unique opportunity to regularly change your car and move it to a new, even better and more modern car at least every 5 years.
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What mileage can I run up in a new car financed using Hyundai FREE?

  • In order to guarantee the level of the redemption price which you can sell your car to UniCredit for after 4 years, the annual mileage you are allowed in your car is a maximum of 30 000 kilometres.

You can buy the following cars with FREE financing:

Hyundai i10

Best of Family Club

From CZK 3 614 incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai i20

Best of Family Club

From CZK 4 161 incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai ix20

Best of Czech Plus

From CZK 4 880 incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai i30 wagon

Best of Czech Turbo

From CZK 6 266 incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai i30 fastback

Best of Czech Turbo

From CZK 5 477 
incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai Tucson

Best of Czech Turbo

From CZK 8 517 incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai i40 2019

Success Winter

From CZK 12 670 incl. VAT,  insurance and services

Hyundai Santa Fe


From CZK 12 771 incl. VAT, insurance and services

Hyundai Kona


From CZK 5 772 incl. VAT, insurance and services

The above-mentioned pricing offer is consistent with the current price list for the individual models.
Your authorised Hyundai dealer can provide you with information about its validity.

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Do the options offered by the FREE programme interest you?

  • Contact your nearest participating  authorised Hyundai dealer. They will prepare an offer tailored to suit your requirements. Or simply write a message to the dealer using the form:

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