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Dare to be different.

Sometimes the best moments are the ones where the world doesn’t shape us - but we shape it. Bending and pushing the envelope to suit our own sense of style. Embracing who we are. There’s a freedom to that movement. It’s not just getting there, it’s how we feel on the way. Laughing. Shouting. Smiling. Daring to be different. Like the all-new KONA. You drive it. You define it.

Check out the world of KONA.


You style it.

Real style is a matter of being yourself on purpose. Like the all-new KONA. Distinctive and individual, its uniquely confident look sets it apart from every SUV in the segment. Because we don’t really see the fun in more of the same.

Designed to create desire.

Combining sculpted expressive lines with a stylish edge, the all-new KONA is expressive from every angle. With loads of customisation available inside and out, the two-tone roof, 18” wheels and the unmistakable Panther-like front light signature really make a statement. And why not? Dare to be different.


You feel it.

It’s also the attention to detail that makes the all-new KONA so special. Discover an exceptional level of comfort with high quality materials, refined ergonomics and customizable styling. You can personalize your interior with a choice of three colour packs.

Colour up your KONA.

No more boring dashboards! The colour packs include accents throughout the interior with contrast stitching on the steering wheel and the seats – even the seat belts are bright and bold.

  • Colour accents
    Colour accents

    Finely tailored contrast stitching on the seats and steering wheel are only a few of the highlights. Colour packs let you personalize the KONA’s interior to suit your sense of style.

  • 8” touch screen
    8” touch screen

    Big and bold, integrating 3D navigation, media and connectivity features with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ so you can have your smart phone usability on screen. It comes with a free 7-year subscription to LIVE Services, with real-time traffic, weather and speed camera information.

  • Head-up display (HUD)
    Head-up display (HUD)

    Featuring class-leading luminance for easy visibility, our new head-up display helps you stay safe by projecting important information like speed, navigation commands, and warnings right into your line of sight.

  • Wireless charging
    Wireless charging

    Forget your charger cable! No really, you don’t need it. Located in the center console, a wireless charging pad lets you easily charge a compatible Qi-enabled smartphone without the hassle of messy cables.


You grip it.

Following the road is one thing. Bending it to suit yourself is another challenge all together. You are the driver of your life. And to keep things moving, the all-new KONA delivers 177 HP backed up by an on-demand All Wheel Drive system for optimum handling.

Power, fun and efficiency.

For more driving enjoyment, the KONA offers the choice between two highly efficient, turbocharged petrol powertrains. At the top, you have a 1.6 T-GDI that delivers 177 HP and 4WD coupled with a 7-Speed Double Clutch Transmission. There’s also a downsized yet powerful 1.0 T-GDI with 120 HP and 2WD available. It comes with a 6-speed manual optimized for greater fuel-efficiency.



You tech it.

Head’s up – life can be tricky, we’ll help get you there – on time and safe. The all-new KONA features the latest active safety technology to keep you protected – and comply with the highest European safety standards. Our new head-up display also helps you stay safe by projecting important information like speed, navigation commands, and warnings right into your line of sight.

Hyundai SmartSense

Experience safer and more comfortable driving. Equipped with Hyundai Smart Sense driver assistance technologies, the KONA is leading the segment with the latest active safety technology. From automatically braking or reducing speed to detecting vehicles in the blind spot, Smart Sense will alert you of any dangers around you when driving.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection

The AEB system uses the front mounted camera and the radar sensor to monitor the traffic ahead. Should it detect a potential collision with a vehicle in front or with a pedestrian, it will warn the driver and if required, automatically slow or stop the vehicle.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

The standard LKAS uses the front camera to monitor the lines of the road In case of an unintended lane departure, it will warn the driver and apply counter steering torque to guide the car back to the lane.

LED Lighting Technology

High Beam Assist detects both oncoming vehicles and vehicles in the same lane ahead at night, and changes from high beam to low beam as appropriate. The Static Bending Light illuminates the front side area ahead when cornering, improving visibility at night.

Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

This standard feature raises safety and convenience to an entirely new level by continuously monitoring and analyzing driving patterns. When a pattern of fatigue/distraction is identified, DAA gets the driver’s attention with an audible alert and pop-up message suggesting a break.


You rock it.

You rock it. The all-new KONA features performance audio, seamless connectivity and ultra-modern tech to keep you in touch and online. Or get offline, go off-road and crank the music all the way up. The premium sound system from Krell delivers stellar sound performance so you can rock it wherever you’re headed.

Enjoy seamless connectivity.

The Hyundai KONA Multimedia System displays the contents of your smartphone on a 7 "touch screen and guides you to the destination of your journey through instructions from your favorite mobile app on your phone. All this without having built-in navigation in your car. And no matter how you choose to explore what drives you, the all-new KONA provides you with the connectivity you expect and innovative tech that makes life easier like an 8” display that makes everything easily accessible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Express yourself.

apple-carplay android-auto

Apple CarPlayTM is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., Android AutoTM is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Applications Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not yet supported in Czech Republic.